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May 9, 2011

Reynolds (LoL Anti-Tank) Aesthetic

So I started trying to draw some form of freehand concept for Reynolds but I have lost the ability to draw. I don’t know what happened, but everything I came up with looked horrible. It’s weird because Hilde looks quite good (passable at least), the monstrosities of Reynolds in front of me are too embarrassing to share! I doubt I will learn to draw again soon, but I wanted to show you the sort of look I want Reynolds to have.

What has been established so far is that Reynolds is likely to be from Zaun (a haven for mad scientists), he has a whole host of weapons for his abilities and a very active teleporting system which activates after his weapons have cooled down.

For his look, I have had the idea of a hunched over crazy scientist with a massive teleportation pack on his back for weeks. I haven’t even watched Back To The Future but I kept getting Doc Brown’s image in my head.


Doc Brown from Back To The Future


The doc’s hair is a bit wild for me and his lab coat is a bit white for a dude who needs to pack some serious weaponry. Reynolds is a scientist and an inventor, but he also likes to get his hands dirty with shotguns, grenade launchers, machine pistols and his auto attack weapon (need to decide what that will be). He needs something that can carry the weight of all these items. He needs a trench coat.

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