I gots the blues!

Sorry for a lack of action, especially regarding the Facebook Game Review. I’m just a bit bluesy at the moment!

I was due to have a really fun night out with my friends for the bank holiday (Royal Wedding, woo!). Unfortunately it got cancelled at the last minute, like it did last time.

Good news is that I think my employment license back to China has been successful, so that’s going to be sent back to me in the UK and I can finally apply for my visa. My exciting new job is in Beijing and I can’t wait to get out there. In fact, I got the job offered to me in December 2010. I was due to start in January and have been available since then. But the Gods of the Visa seem to have different plans. My health check (a requirement) took about 2-3 months, my application in Beijing has taken just over 2 weeks and all the couriering of documents has added an extra month or so to that. I’ve been between jobs (first time I’ve heard that used properly!) for 5 months now.


Shiiiii-it, I got the blues!


Since then I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. My League of Legends champion suggestion projects have been fun and rewarding. I’ve learnt a lot more about the metagame and grown to love LoL (writing a Maokai guide has also been fun), it will be a shame to leave it behind when I move! Still, after working for 4 months on my Hilde suggestion, it hasn’t gone down too well at all on the forums (only 2 comments and a downvote! haha). What really annoys me is that there isn’t any discussion. I don’t mind if people dislike my idea, or have suggestions to improve it (suggestions are great!), but there’s nothing! The DotA hero suggestion forum has some brilliant templates for your designs and people love helping each other out and reviewing each other’s suggestions. On the LoL forum, there’s horrendous formatting, the worst I’ve ever seen, which makes any suggestions an absolute pain to read. All the time I’ve spent working out her gameplay, theorycrafting and explaining my ideas… it’s all going to waste because no-one is reading it!

My Team Fortress 2 map project was also quite interesting and I felt good about learning the basics of an editor (the closest I’ll ever get to programming), but my first test of it was cut short to about 10 minutes of playtime and it really did suck (especially after waiting 3 weeks for a test day). I wanted to get something tangible completed but I think I’m just disinterested in Team Fortress 2 these days. I loved it back in the day, but now it just seems so repetitive… I’m not having the epic attack/defence games I used to have. I’m not sure what’s changed really! I usually relish getting feedback, iterating and improving my designs… but I just can’t be bothered, I’ve lost all interest in Team Fortress. If LoL had some sort of mod tools for champion creation… oh my! I’d be creating tons of stuff!

During all this time, trying to keep my brain from rotting, I really am feeling the burn of being unemployed. And it’s not like a crappy retail job will be able to help. My first real job in Shanghai was very stimulating and challenging, my decisions made a difference and I was learning every day. I’ve given myself this mental requirement on to be in a challenging job revolving around games, anything else just wouldn’t help! As much as I try to keep mentally active, it’s a losing battle! I just hope I’m up to my new job when I finally move back into 5th gear!

I’m sure no-one has read this far, but I just had to type it all out. Not sure why, but it does help mellow me out. I think I’ll be taking a break from blogging for maybe a week, I’m heading to Paris for a couple of days to see a friend (which is SO needed right now). Perhaps I will work a bit more on Reynolds (LoL Anti-Tank), but don’t expect too much!





One Comment to “I gots the blues!”

  1. Good Luck to you in China.
    I loved it when I was there, only 3 weeks of holiday. But it was great.

    I like to diskuss LoL but still have to lean so much. Never played or even heard abaot DoTA. So I am new to the genre.

    So far I learned about two sites.
    Mobafire and Sololane.
    The first seems to be the page to go.

    The format is the way you are asking about.

    Good Luck to you.

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