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April 26, 2011

SunnyD and Rum(ble) – Yum, yum!

Despite a torrent of negativity towards the newest champion in League of Legends, I’m actually quite excited about him. The last champion, Brand, was really lacklustre from a design standpoint. He was an AoE fire mage, whoopty doo… haven’t seen that in like 1million games before.

Rumble’s skills are individually quite boring, that I will admit. His Q is just an AoE damage cone. His W is another¬†shield skill (don’t we have enough already?). His E is a skill shot slow, although it has a nice double cast feature. His ultimate is pretty interesting, a long range wall of AoE and slow pain with a new targeting mechanism. He doesn’t sound that exciting does he?!

Fortunately, Rumble’s passive is a really cool skill and is what makes him an exciting champion. All his abilities use Heat, he has no mana or energy. When Rumble is over 50 heat, he enters the danger zone¬†and his skills are buffed. If he reaches maximum heat (120) then he overheats. When Rumble is overheating, he is silenced and has a magic damage buff to his auto-attacks until he cools down. It’s a superb mechanic that is both original, tactical and challenging to manipulate. For maximum ranged effectiveness, you’ll want to time your skills so that you stay below 120 heat but above 50. When you feel like pounding face, you can spam all your skills to reach maximum heat and then pound enemies into the ground with auto attacks.


Rumble, the Mechanized Menace


What Rumble’s passive does is give you a very interesting choice of item builds. You could go full caster and hope that you never need to overheat. You could go full tanky DPS and spam all your abilities to ensure you’re getting bonus magic damage on your auto-attacks as much as possible. The optimum playstyle will have to be seen, but I hope you can really kick ass with overheat attacks. I want to create a hybrid build that focuses on…


  • Cooldown Reduction: More spam = more overheat
  • Attack Speed: More speed = more bonus damage
  • Ability Power: More ability power = stronger shield and buffed AoE damage
  • Resistances: AR and MR so you can stay in the fray and pound face.
April 26, 2011

A New Champion Approaches… Hilde, the Kinslayer

First Concept Art, click to expand


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