Balancing Hilde – Finishing touches on her skills…

To finish off my skills, I need to add the cast ability for Fyrone Temblor, add the energy values and then create her passive. Since Hilde is such a complicated champion, I want to make the passive very simple. I’m thinking something along the lines of Soraka or Fiddle (AoE buff/debuff auras). It’s a shame because I really like complex passives, ones that define the entire way you play the champion. I’ll have a think about it.

For now, I need to finalize Fyrone Temblor…


Mountain Divide: Hilde leaps towards a target, dealing XXX true damage and XX bonus true damage per XX armor and magic resist below her own.


This is what I said last time about balancing this particularly tricky skill;


Mountain Divide will probably be the most difficult skill to balance. Hilde’s ultimate abilities are not going to be massively powerful in damage, so Mountain Divide could be her de facto ultimate. However, I don’t want this to be the case because it will ensure that every Hilde player will skill Fyrone Temblor first, which reduces the versatility of the champion. This situation can be combated by reducing the base true damage of the ability, but increasing the bonus damage component. 

Aegis of Kaladoun increases the damage of Mountain Divide (by increasing your armor and magic resistance), Icathian Blades‘ ultimate ability will also increase the damage (twofold, by increasing your armor and MR and reducing theirs). This means that players will have to find a balance between all 3 skills to figure out the most effective skill sequence.


Now I have the extra values, I really think focussing on the bonus damage component is much better. It will reward Hilde players for finding the best skill combinations and punish those who just max Fyrone Temblor for its uber nuke (she’s a tank, this would be ‘abuse’ of her abilities and a poor way to play).

The bonus damage is based on the differential between Hilde’s armor and magic resist, and her targets. It’s designed to absolutely destroy enemy carries (a bit like Cho’gath’s Feast) so that the enemy team has to deal with her. However, because of the huge amount of variables that can influence her resistances and those of her target, this is tough to balance!

Aegis of Kaladoun Passive: Up to 120 AR/MR

Icathian Blades Onslaught: 20% from each enemy champ, – 20% from target

General Tank Items: Ranging from about 100/100 at mid game to 200/200 at late game.

Enemy Squishy Items: Probably around 60/30 at mid game to 100/60 at late game. Even this is a high estimate.

So, lets first work with Hilde and lets balance this at late game (since that’s the higher value, making the skill more likely to be underpowered rather than grossly overpowered).


Hilde Tank Item Resistances: 200/200

Plus full Aegis of Kaladoun Passive: 320/320


Enemy Squishy Items: 100/60


Differential: 220/260

Total Differential: 480(!)


That’s very high. Hilde’s values are actually quite high in general, so perhaps I will have to reduce the bonus of Aegis of Kaladoun. In the end, this is just a suggestion so I don’t think I quite need to nerf things! It’s definitely made me realize that the bonus damage has to be quite a low ratio, because 480 true damage is pretty significant. This isn’t even taking into account the possibility of stealing 20% resistances from all enemy champions! Hilde could be invincible if everything works out in her favour!


Mountain Divide: Hilde leaps towards a target, dealing 100 true damage and 0.75 bonus true damage per armor and magic resist below her own.


With the example above, this will deal 460 damage. I did say I wanted it to be almost as damaging as an ultimate, and that it is! I think it still does tip-toe on the overpowered side of things, but it does have a 15 second cooldown and, due to the way I will balance energy, it will leave her in an energyless and buffless situation afterwards. It’s a gamble!

Energy Costs

A long way back, I was theorizing the costs of energy on Hilde. I had the following conclusions…

  • Maximum energy cost of Onslaught + Switch + Cast = <Total Energy
  • Energy cost of Switch = Energy Regen over 5 seconds
  • Minimum energy cost of Cast = Duration of Stacks
The idea is that Hilde can initiate, then will have absolutely no energy problems while stance dancing. Effectively, if she uses her stances as soon as they cooldown, she will break even with energy. However, once she starts using her stance cast abilities, she will sacrifice long term power for short term gains. This is why the cast moves are so powerful. She gives up all her stackable buffs (120 AR/MR, 48 AR/MR reduction on a target) so that she can deal AoE damage (Cursed Power), cause massive damage to their carry (Mountain Divide) or save an ally from death (Keeper’s Will).
I want Hilde to be at zero energy when she completes the following move chain…
Onslaught – Switch – Cast – Switch
If she stops at the first switch, she can build her stackables and tank using her stance activation abilities. If she wants to do more, she must sacrifice that and continue down the chain, with enough energy left to escape after her cast (if needs be).
Total Energy: 200
Onslaught (75) – Switch (50*) – Cast (75) – Switch (50)
*this is the base per 5 regen rate
Abilities take time to cast, so there will be slight regen during this process. Overall, this should accomplish my goals.

Hilde needs a passive skill. Since she has a massive elaborate girdle (which I still need to make pretty), it should probably be linked to that. What Hilde is lacking is the ability to protect her squishies. She has the activation ability of Fyrone Temblor (2x 1 second stun), but has no slows or any other effects to help her peel off enemy targets. The activation ability of Icathian Blades helps her get near to her allies, but she can’t do much to get a Tryndamere off their back.

With her passive, I want something which will help with this.

In addition, Hilde wants to get hit. That’s the goal of every tank. Hilde needs it more, because she has a stackable resistance buff with Aegis of Kaladoun‘s passive. Of course, she has threat through her abilities. Mountain Divide is a very powerful move against squishies, so an early kill on Hilde will prevent some insane true damage and harassment on enemy carries. Her interruption and AoE damage shield also make her a target (the shield in particular, as breaking it will remove it from allies). Every little helps though!


Passive: Girdle of Magnetism: Every 5 seconds, nearby enemies are taunted for 1 second.

Side note: The range will be very low, think Alistar’s Pulverize


This is a very powerful passive. Taunt is a great ability because it interrupts and can help you drag enemies closer to your team. 1 second isn’t really long enough for a drag (it’s more like a stun), but it does help you build stacks on your Aegis of Kaladoun passive. What is most powerful about it, is that it can activate when Hilde is being crowd controlled. Unlike any other tank, if you’re in close enough range, Hilde can still contribute to a battle while being chain stunned.

And with her passive sorted, Hilde is now completed from a gameplay point of view. What is left is a background story and I do need to touch up her concept art a bit more (adding detail). I could work on some skill icons, but I can’t really emulate the in-game art, so maybe I can give that a miss. Once all this is done, I will post it on the official League of Legends forums and hopefully get some feedback!




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