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April 22, 2011

Balancing Hilde – Damage and Effects Pt.II

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This time I have to finalize the damage and effects of Hilde’s last 2 skills; Aegis of Kaladoun and her ultimate.

Aegis of Kaladoun

Persistent Effect: Enemy attacks increase Hilde’s armor and magic resistance by X for X seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Aegis is the stance Hilde wants to pick when she’s doing a good job and enemies are attacking her. As with her Fyrone Temblor passive, she wants to gain as many stacks as she can and then switch out of it.

Lots and lots of champions have armor and magic resistance buffs. Galio’s Bulwark (90! Instant activated increase to anyone!), Mordekaiser’s Creeping Death (30), Rammus (150 for self), Poppy (50 AR at 10 stacks + damage). Poppy’s ability is basically the same as Hilde’s, but it gives damage and she is not a tank. Therefore I want Hilde to have more than Poppy, but probably less than Rammus (since she has another defense boost).

Persistent Effect: Enemy attacks increase Hilde’s Armor and Magic Resistance by 15 for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.


Activation: Hilde forges a XXX health shield for all nearby allies for X seconds.

Originally this was going to be an AoE AR/MR boost. But I’ve already got an AR/MR boost, so having a shield is more supportive and interesting.

There are no AoE shield effects in the game, only single target… so I have to take that into account when balancing. Morgana’s Black Shield (300 magic damage), Janna’s Eye of the Storm (240 damage) and Karma’s Soul Shield (280 damage) are the allied target non-ultimate shields in the game.

Balancing an AoE shield will be interesting. If I reduce the health to compensate for a potential 5 shields, then it might be uselesss for Hilde. If I make it too high, it will be severely overpowered. Therefore, I might make it similar to Taric’s heal, having double the amount for himself but the standard values for his allies. Also, remember that this can be activated every 10 seconds. My only conclusion is that the values for this ability are highly speculative!

I’ve also added an effect that if the shield is broken on Hilde, it breaks on everyone else. This acts a bit like a taunt, since attacking Hilde will cause (indirectly) 150 x allies damage.

Activation: Hilde forges a 150 damage shield for all nearby allies for 5 seconds. Shield strength is increased by 50% on Hilde. If Hilde’s shield is broken, all allied shields are lost.


Keeper’s Will*: Hilde creates a bond between herself and an ally, splitting damage taken by the target by 50% for X seconds.

*activated ability whilst using Aegis of Kaladoun

I love this skill. It allows Hilde to massively increase the effective HP of squishies, doubling their resistances (at the cost of her own health). The damage taken will also force stacks on her Persistent Effect, which is an extra bonus!

There is a balance problem though. Tanky DPS is already owning up the League, so if Hilde cast this on Renekton he’d be unstoppable (he already is in most cases). This is mainly a problem with the tanky DPS metagame (nerf it already, Riot!), but I should take it into account.

Keeper’s Will: Hilde creates a bond between herself and an ally, splitting damage taken by the target by 50% for X seconds. Damage split is reduced to 25% for targets with over 100 armor & magic resistance. 


Base numbers are in, lets look at the skill descriptions!



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April 22, 2011

FGR – 21st April 2011 – Auto Hustle, NBA Dynasty and Zombie Lane

Welcome to the Facebook Game Review! In this daily series (except perhaps on the weekends), I will be looking at, sharing my thoughts and giving verdicts on the hottest and coldest entrants to the Social Gaming ring. Each post will feature a new game, an update on existing ones, and a final score.

Introducing… Auto Hustle

Auto Hustle is the natural evolution from typical Mafia Wars style games (time and text based RPGs). You have an energy pool, you use it to take part in missions and then you get the rewards.  What sets Auto Hustle apart is that it has a WASD controlled avatar in a top-down city, complete with driving and shooting. So, instead of clicking ‘Do mission’ to do the mission, you actually control a guy and run around the city killing people and stealing cars. It is almost identical to the old school Grand Theft Auto games. This is good though, for Facebook gaming. If you’re going to steal from someone, steal from the best.


Some dude I just killed...


Auto Hustle is surprisingly violent. Not for general gaming, but for a Facebook game I was quite shocked. All the missions basically tell you to kill a bunch of dudes and the player controlled environment is the first I’ve experienced where the player actively kills people. Mafia Wars probably told you to do a bunch of killing, but there’s a huge difference between clicking ‘Kill’ and aiming with your mouse and pulling a trigger. I’m surprised that I’m shocked! I suppose this says a lot about the poor state of mature gaming on Facebook.

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