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April 18, 2011

FGR – 18th April 2011 – Zombie Lane and Tetris Battle

Welcome to the Facebook Game Review! In this daily series (except perhaps on the weekends), I will be looking at, sharing my thoughts and giving verdicts on the hottest and coldest entrants to the Social Gaming ring. Each post will feature a new game, an update on existing ones, and a final score.

Lacking a new game review today, apologies! Extra long for Zombie Lane though…

Daily Review

Zombie Lane

All the weekend, Zombie Lane was the same old same old. I was clearing rubble, looking for the last piece to fix my house (the main story quest). After about 4 days of constant searching, I got the last part 1 hour ago!


The epic story quest


One thing that Zombie Lane is doing very well is the narrative. While the general mechanics and drop rates are mediocre at best, one thing that has impressed me has been the sense of purpose. You have a main story quest, unlike CityVille where you have about 3 different quest arcs and can’t figure out which is the most important. As I said before, Zombie Lane does feel a bit like the tutorial of an MMORPG. I really like that.

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