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April 16, 2011

LoL Anti-Tank – Inspiration and more brainstorming…

I don’t like to mock brainstorm (deciding an idea and then doing a brainstorm to make it look like I figured it out through planning), so let’s get some stuff out the way! Firstly, I want to call my Anti-Tank champion ‘Reynolds’. The story behind picking the name is actually pretty stupid so I’ll explain that. When thinking of names for my Armor Shattering Shotgun Slow skill, I was thinking of what to call a big badass double barrelled shotgun. It’s got twin barrels, it unleashes hell… what is better than ‘Twin Hellfire Cannon’? I was thinking to myself “where did this genius come from?”, since I had a healthy dose of deja vu. So I Googled the term and was instantly reminded… .

Captain Edward Reynolds, as played by Evan Stone


Yes… I am ashamed to say that the name of my new champion is a homage to a character in the adult movie Pirates II: Revenge of Stagnetti.

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