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April 14, 2011

Balancing Hilde – Damage and Effects Pt.I

Almost done!

In the last post I decided on the cooldowns and new visual style for Hilde’s skill descriptions. After getting to play Lee Sin, he does indeed have changed icons when he has used his abilities (although the original description labels everything, which isn’t the case for Hilde). This clarifies that it can be done and it is a much more elegant solution to the problem of a tooltip covering 25% of the screen.

In this post, I want to fill in the damage and effect numbers for Hilde’s skills. I must keep in mind that she is a tank (lower damage) and that she uses her spells in combos rather than singularly (so I should balance the combo and not the individual spell). As I made her stance ability castables 15 second cooldowns, she won’t be expected to use them all in a single battle (which means more power!).

With my DotA hero suggestion, Idol, I looked at the power of similar skills on other heroes to guide the power of my hero’s skills. I will be doing the same here. Riot also does this, you can tell by the number of single target damaging spells that deal 230-300 damage at skill level 5 (down to B in the ability list and there are already 6!). So, I will go through my skills one by one and decide on some values…

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