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April 12, 2011

The Facebook Games Review – New Feature

A while ago I was posting regularly about Facebook games. Eventually I returned from China (where I didn’t have a decent computer) and I’ve had more of a focus on traditional games like Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends. However, I’ve got an upcoming career move into social game design and I’m due to start soon. To get back into the swing of things, I want to start playing and reviewing Facebook games once again.


Playdom's City of Wonder - My favourite Facebook game back in the day.


Because Facebook games are persistent, it’s difficult to really review them from a single play-through, but I also don’t want to spend weeks on each game (since there’d be no blog posts)! Therefore I’m going to have multiple parts to this feature in the daily post…


The first section, ‘Introducing…’ will be an initial look at a game. I will discuss the aesthetics, the gameplay mechanics and any initial thoughts. First impressions are pretty important for social games, so every day I will be introducing a new game and letting you all know what I think! This will probably be the longest section.

Daily Review

In the Daily Review, I will update you all on each game I’ve been playing, as I play through. For example, I will introduce CityVille on Monday, then update you on a daily basis about my thoughts on the game Tuesday through Friday. Each day I will be giving short diary-style entries about the games I’ve been playing, letting you all know how the game evolves from my first look.

Final Thoughts

A week after introducing a game, I will share with you my final thoughts. Areas which I think can be improved, features which have been innovative, whether I’ll continue playing the game after its featured week (which would be big praise from a traditional gamer). It is here that I give my final verdict.

I used to review and play a lot of Facebook games in my previous position, so hopefully I’ll take to this like a duck on water! Tomorrow I will begin, so stay tuned!