Anti-Tank Champion – Skill Brainstorm

Update – 16:16 GMT 10th April 2011

Sometimes you get one of those nights when you don’t feel like sleeping but don’t feel like playing games either! It is on a night like this that I like to do a little design work. In my last post, I discussed the dominance of Tanky DPS champions in League of Legends. These beasts are ruling the rift and have been for some time. I want to design a champion that can counter tanky DPS to combat this metagame (because, quite frankly, it sucks!). I concluded that there needed to be 4 things that my champion is capable of doing…

  • Kiting ability – Bruisers are all melee, so some way to keep them away from you is a good start. Having a skill which enables you to kite a whole team is definitely worth thinking about.
  • Direct HP damage – Either something which reduces enemy resistances, deals true damage or deals damage based on the max HP of the enemy. The only way to bring down these juggernaughts is to have some modifier which lets you circumvent their defences.
  • Focus/Isolation – An ability which focuses your team’s damage on a single target. Marking an enemy is sometimes effective, but there could be a way to force damage onto a single target.
  • Anti-CC – This champ will need some way to prevent themselves being CC’d into oblivion by the stuns that every tanky DPS champion has. This could be a form of immunity or cleanse, or it could be indirect and linked to the kiting.

Ever since that post, I’ve had this idea for 1 skill in my head and I really want to work on it. Thinking about this skill has also helped me decide on the sort of aesthetic and theme I want to go for. This skill instantly reminded me of the Kommando Nob in Dawn of War II and I’ve just re-installed the game to get a video of it… see how much I care for you guys? It’s gonna take ages to re-download!!!



Armor Shattering Shotgun Slow*

Champion blasts an area with his shotgun, knocking back nearby enemies, slowing all in the area and reducing their armor by 15%

Originally I wanted an area of effect slowing blast, which could be used to slow a whole enemy team for a short period (allowing kiting). I’ve done a mockup of how it would work below…



Original Idea


However, I thought that was a bit too basic and that the area looked a bit weird for what is a massive shotgun blast. I then decided that it would make kiting a lot easier, and help gather up enemy units, if I added a knockback to the skill too. I wanted the knockback to be quite small, enough to bunch up enemy units and protect squishies, but not enough to push enemies into danger… a bit like Maokai’s Arcane Smash. Below is a mockup of that idea…



2nd Draft with added knockback


The red radius is the knockback area of effect, everyone outside that is just slowed. Everyone in the whole area has their armor shattered.

This skill will probably be my champion’s bread and butter. It ticks off pretty much every item on the list except isolation/focus (although it could be used strategically in good areas to split an enemy team). Of course, it does have a lot of effects and I do wonder if it should be my champion’s ultimate. However, I don’t want it to be… I want this skill to be usable often. Team fights are often, so I want this available for every one! As I mentioned last time, I’m thinking of a sort of reload system to take place of typical mana/energy. I could balance the skill with this.

*Yes, that name will change


This is a general brainstorming post, so let’s go off on a tangent! I don’t know why I thought about this, but it would be cool if my dude could teleport short distances. Teleporting would help him kite. It would also help him position his shotgun knockback. It’s also badass. However, I don’t want his teleport to be an activated ability… that’s unoriginal and boring! I was thinking it could be his passive. Yes. A passive teleport. Could be messy!

I want at least 2 of my champion’s skills to use a reload system. I haven’t thought about the exact details yet, but I’m thinking that you’ll be able to use skills with no cooldown until the ammo runs out, then the skill will cooldown as usual to simulate a reloading of that weapon.

For example, the Armor Shattering Shotgun Slow could have 2 rounds (double-barrel baby!). You could use both in quick succession, doubling the armor reduction. Or, you could space them out for a longer duration. Or you could use one and save the other for emergencies. Once both shots are fired, the ability will have a lengthy cooldown until 2 more shots are ready.

Now, this is where the passive teleport comes into play. What about if you gained a teleport upon your weapon cooling down? How about this…

RELOcator: Whenever champion finishes reloading, his next activated ability will grant a teleport to the cursor location.

Of course, without more than 1 ability this is a difficult idea to develop! However, I will keep it in mind because it’s a cool skill. Imagine if you wanted to plan for multiple teleports… you could time your skills to cooldown at the perfect moment, giving you some super quick running/chasing. This would be a very tough skill to master, but would be so rewarding and absolutely amazing for kiting and position manipulation (teleport, shotgun blast, teleport, shotgun blast… it would be like pinball!).

Anyway, enough thinking for now. It’s time to watch the Arsenal game and if we don’t win, I don’t know if I’ll be capable of blogging anymore!

Tank Shredder

As an anti-tank, my champion is designed to counter the most powerful champions in the current metagame. If he is more powerful than the most powerful, then he will be overpowered. I need to design a skill which will destroy tanks, but not destroy squishy targets.

Reducing resistances effects everyone. Percentage based HP reduction also effects everyone, and while it does make tanky DPS easier to kill, it will also make squishies even easier to kill (percentage based effects everyone the same, that’s the point). A flat 30% of current HP is going to cut everyone’s health by 30%. Squishies cannot afford to lose that either!

I’ve been thinking and a percentage based system is the best way to ensure damage scales across all targets, however I’ve also thought of a way to make sure that it will destroy tanks and leave squishies well alone.


Life Augmented Rounds – Champion focuses his fire on a target, dealing 10% of their maximum HP in pure damage over 3 seconds. If the total damage is over 300, the rounds explode for 300 (+AP) true damage. Enemies can leave the range to avoid the explosion.


The numbers might be a bit off, but the concept is there. What will happen is that the champion will stand still, pummelling the enemy with bullets. If the enemy doesn’t leave the range in 3 seconds, and 300 damage has been caused (it will always activate against enemies with 3000 health, i.e. Tanks), there will be a massive true damage nuke on the target.

It’s a powerful ability against tanks, but it will never activate on non-tank targets. 10% of maximum HP isn’t a lot against a squishy. 10% increasing to 20% + AP is going to really hurt any tanky DPS. However, it’s not a skill completely intended to do damage. The static nature of it is to help my champion protect vulnerable targets. It’s a warning saying “Hey, if you stay in range you’re gonna get screwed, son!” It will either force the tanky DPS to flee, or force them to CC you (and not a squishy).

With your teleport and knockback, a little CC isn’t so bad for this champion. This will be a skill subject to the reload mechanic (and passive teleport), so I may have to reduce the numbers to make it balanced (I want there to be more ammo on this skill than on the Shotgun).

Of course, for the aesthetic I couldn’t think of anything better to show you than ‘the most badass scene in movie history’



It would be without the samurai sword (this dude’s gotta be ranged), but the general full-auto machine pistol badass stance and explosion is what I’m going for.




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