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April 9, 2011

Tanky DPS – The dominant force

My current League of Legends champion suggestion is taking a long time, that’s a given. With that suggestion, I’m trying to put together an extremely polished and well-thought-out solution to the problem of easy, boring tank champions. However, in the overall metagame of League of Legends, there is a much more pressing need.

Tanky DPS champions are not just the Flavour-of-the-Month, but the past year. It doesn’t help that Riot is releasing Tanky DPS champions left, right and centre too. There was a post made on the EU forums entitled¬†How to counter a team full of bruisers?


Not playing ranked so there is no chance of counter picking.

Enemy had Renekton, Maokai, Sion, Nunu and Jarvan. There is nothing we can do against them.


If you’ve also been on the receiving end of a team like that, you’ll know how difficult it is. Even with multiple AD carries and Madred’s Bloodrazor (everyone’s stock response to counter tanky DPS), you’re going to have a tough time with that lot. The response by Riot staff member, RiotSamm, was as follows:


The best way to counter a team full of bruisers is a team full champions who can kite as well as have good map awareness. Because bruisers can usually battle in melee range, having champions that can stay away from that range can greatly increase your chance of winning.

Having champions like Teemo(Mushrooms), Shaco(Jack in the Box), Heimer(Turrets), and other trap/ward champions provide good map awareness to prevent intense team fights.

Other Champions such as Ashe(Volley/Enchanted Crystal Arrow), Janna(Howling Gale/Monsoon), Trundle(Pillar of Faith), Anivia(Ice Wall/Flash Frost) and other kite champions can effectively kite and keep enemy bruisers away and/or isolate them to pick them off.

The best thing to do is avoid team fights until they are low from being kited for so long or if one of them needs to go back. This requires a bit more team work but this is probably the best counter for a team full of bruisers. Please let me know if this helped you out


This response highlights exactly how overpowered Tanky DPS is, in case you were doubting it. The counters he mentions are just ludicrous in the current game of LoL.

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