LoL Tank – A rose by any other name…

I’ve been pretty unproductive blogwise lately! I thought I’d get started with the lore and back story of my female tank for League of Legends. The first thing to work out is my champion’s name.

When I was working on the characters, missions and stories for an RPG I was working on, I became very friendly with Baby Name websites. Yep, this is definitely the best way to get names for characters. My favourite is Baby Names World by Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect. It’s got a great search for name origins and meanings, with ratings for the names and other details. Unfortunately, it’s so comprehensive that a simple search has resulted in 30 pages of appropriate names!


The ultimate resource for champion names!


My search criteria was simple:

Sex: Female

Origins: Breton, Cornish, Gaelic, Germanic, Norse, Welsh

I felt that Boudicca and the Norse mythological tale of Sif’s golden hair were the strongest influences on my overall character design. The tale says that Loki sheared Sif’s hair and was pretty much gonna get his ass kicked to kingdom come unless he sorted it out. Sif was Thor’s wife! Loki went to the Sons of Ivaldi, a group of dwarves and master craftsmen, and had a golden headpiece crafted. As the story progresses, numerous magical creations are spawned by the dwarves. The spear Gungnir and the multiplying ring Draupnir for Odin, the ship Skíðblaðnir and the boar Gullinbursti for Freyr, and the mighty hammer Mjöllnir for Thor. My champion’s abilities are based on her magical weapons and equipment, so I thought I should pay a homage to my Norse influences and include those origins in my name search.


Sif sleeps while Loki lurks behind in an illustration (1894) by A. Chase


One crude method to help me find a name would be to use the ‘what does LoL lack?’ approach. There are plenty of champions already in game, and since a champion name is very important (it has to be quickly recognizable and easy to type or abbreviate) I could always just filter the results by the initial letter! These are the initials that LoL is lacking…

B – Blitzcrank

D – Dr. Mundo

E – Evelynn, Ezreal

F – Fiddlesticks

H – Heimerdinger

I – Irelia

L – LeBlanc, Lux

O – Olaf

P – Poppy


U – Udyr, Urgot

V – Vladimir, Veigar

W – Warwick

X – Xin Zhao


Z – Zilean

This is still a pretty big selection and after doing a search it doesn’t filter down much.

The next filter I’ll apply is a letter count. Some of the results I’ve received are pretty silly. What kind of name is Bernardina? You could abbreviate it to Bern or something, but in the end it’s just going to increase the amount of crappy options I have to filter through. Here is the list of possible names I like so far…

BBrea/Bree, Bruna



HHeta, Hilde/Hilda/Hildr

I Iga, Imogen, Izolde

LLaja, Lydia



Z – Zelda (haha it’s good but I can’t really use this one, thanks Nintendo!)

The missing letters had no hits.

Of all the names, I really like Hilde. It rang a bell too… I’ve been racking my brain for the past 10 minutes… then I finally realized, there is a Soul Calibur character called Hilde!


Hilde from Soul Calibur IV - Brilliant character design


I cannot believe I forgot her! She’s an absolutely brilliant design in my opinion. I thought initially that she’d be very awkward, with her massive spear and sword combo. Ultimately, she turned out great and was one of my favourite characters in that game. And just look at her… so badass. The wolf head shoulder pads, the full set of armor which would actually function in a battle, the flowing red hair. Hilde is probably one of my favourite character designs, she had a really cool charging playstyle too.

Hilde means ‘battle’ and ‘war’, it’s perfect. Of all the names, this is my favourite. I quite like Brea but I think I’ll settle on Hilde.

Now I have my name, I’ll update you on a draft synopsis of Hilde’s story. I wanted to take some of the influences from my past research to create something badass which will explain her style and her motivations. I also need to read about the lore of League of Legends to create a character that fits into Riot’s world.

Hilde’s Backstory Draft Synopsis

Away from the law, Hilde’s tribe owns lands stretching far and wide, away from the prying eyes of the Demacian authorities. They have taken many neighbouring lands by force, making rival leaders their slaves and stealing their precious artefacts. Her father is the tribe leader, with her brothers taking charge of invaded regions. Eventually, there are rumours that the government (I really need to read some LoL lore!) wants to expand, that it wants to take her family’s land. Her father and siblings ignore the warnings, living their lives of luxury and expanding further and further into mysterious territory, seeking even more powerful treasures and artefacts.

It takes Hilde weeks to hear news, then months, then years. Whispers around her land say that her family members have not just disappeared but have been taken out by the government. Years pass and the Demacian government start taking her land by force. Hilde grows angry and resentful of these invaders, and she begins to believe the rumours of her father and brothers’ demise. As her hometown is overran, Hilde is imprisoned. Her bonds are magically bound by Demacian mages and she is thrown into prison. After languishing in jail for years, Hilde is called upon by the Summoners. As she is equipping for battle, she realizes that the rumours were true. She is offered powerful weaponry and equipment, from all across her vast former lands… they were the prized arms of her father and brothers. She was the only survivor and now wield’s the weapons of her fallen brothers as a slave of Demacia.

Basically something along those lines. As mentioned, I need to read up on the LoL lore before I tackle this properly. If it’s actually a good tale, perhaps I’ll make a blog post about the lore in League of Legends!




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