What an awful day…

I’ve had a completely rubbish day. New job visa application shit that’s been piling on for the last 3 months (that’s when I was meant to start my new job)… crap with my social welfare… I didn’t get to test my TF2 map today (missed the reservation by 1 place) and I’ve lost 10+ games of League of Legends in a row.

So, I thought I’d do something productive (watching 6 episodes of Modern Family isn’t what I’d call a productive, albeit hilarious, way to spend my time) and rant!

Why I’m in this mood? Well, I’ve actually been playing pretty well today. I’ve been going back to Cassiopeia, a champion which is ranked highest in difficulty and is extremely fun and rewarding to play. Seven out of the nine games I’ve played with her, I’ve had a positive Kill:Death ratio (with high assists). I’ve done my job, that is Cassiopeia’s job… to deal tons of damage. Yet, we’ve lost every single game because 1 person doesn’t do their job. Seriously, 4/5 people can play well but if one person is bad you lose the game. League of Legends is a bitch like that. It’s the greatest flaw in DotA games and it’s something which Riot completely ignores.

Ya see, teamwork in video games is completely over-rated. When you have a perfect, fully functioning team then it’s great fun, probably the pinnacle of gaming. This never happens though. And what’s worse than losing a game? Someone losing a game for you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’d estimate that at least 75% of games have a bad player on either team. 10% of games are good balanced fun (no complete douchebags) and the remaining 15% is taken up by AFKers and general flamers who ruin the mood for everyone. When you play an individual based multiplayer game, you can completely cut out 75% of the bad games. Flamers and AFKers ruin all types of online games, but having a few bad players in a Free-For-All isn’t so bad.

This rant has a little bit of purpose though, because as I think about the past 24 hours I’m reminiscing about my perfect game idea. It’s an idea I’ve had for 5+ years and I cannot wait to make and play it.

The game I’ve wanted to create is similar to DotA in some respects (although I’d never heard of DotA until 2009). It is an online battle arena, but the arena is a living and breathing city. Players pick a character from a gang, each with their own specific playstyles… a bit like DotA/LoL’s champions but with variety more like a fighting game (movelists and such, rather than 4 skills). The goal is to kill the opposition; to hunt them down and to defeat them. Players interact with NPCs, performing small quests and tasks to build reputations. These allegiances with NPCs helps them gather information, weaponry and bonuses to help them defeat the other combatants. Imagine a combat arena with RPG quest elements, which influence the way the city affects the battlefield. There’s a strong single player aspect to it, but always the possibility that your target will come around the corner and you have to decide whether you can defeat them.

Battles in this game would be long, around 1 hour. This gives players a chance to develop their character’s items and abilities. Some characters would be better early game, some would be better late game. Some would specialize in territory control by setting elaborate traps, others would specialize in NPC relations and take control through diplomacy. Players will only have one life, once they die it’s over. Health would be much higher than most games, so that battles are truly epic slugfests. There are chances to escape and fight another day (but health would be persistent)

In my head I’m just imagining things and blurting them out. I won’t go into any more detail, this game is the masterpiece I dream of creating… perhaps one day I will be able to tackle it and share more with you. Until then, I’ve got a lot of learning and even more ranting to do!

I’m in a better mood already!





2 Comments to “What an awful day…”

  1. Don’t forget to look at your own performance, if you’re so much better then them you should be able to carry the game literally with clever decision making and well performed ganks. I hope for example you’re buying wards to place at dragon/baron/their buffs or yours and even at bushes in the river to prevent ganks or countergank.

  2. Hi qwerty,

    Yes, of course I do look at my own performance. What I meant by my post is not that the WHOLE team is bad, but one person can really drag you down. It’s extremely difficult to win a 4v5 (should be impossible if the other team are decent) and that was my main point, 1 person shouldn’t be able to ruin the game for 9 people. This is particularly apparent at low levels, where one bad player can feed someone so early that you can’t get the gold you were supposed to get from ganks (since they’re over levelled and you can’t gank them anymore). It snowballs.

    Thanks for the comment


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