Nocturne – The Playtests

Following on from last time, here is a diary I’m going to keep for my Nocturne games…

Game 1 – 23:54 – 16th March

Started with Wriggles. After doing the jungle without upgrading to Wriggle’s Lantern, I’ve noticed having very low HP. Lifesteal is so good on this guy. Had some early ganks, but ended up getting myself killed a few times. Went Sword of the Divine first, lost effectiveness very early. Need survivability.

Game 2 – 00:15 – 17th March

Wriggles again. Had some early ganks which went well. Game finished before I could really get any items. Went for Berserker’s Greaves this time (+25% attack speed boots), really didn’t miss the Mobility… those things really need a buff. Tried out Hexdrinker but the game ended… seems like a perfect item for Nocturne, so I’ll try that next game.

Game 3 – 01.17 – 17th March


Oh man, what a bad game! I was doing fine until team fights started, then I proceeded to get absolutely murdered. Hexdrinker was ok, but by the time I got it.. it was too late. Frozen Heart helped a bit… I think I’m going to try a survivability build next.

Game 4 – 02.03 – 17th March


Oh man, what a BORING game! Was a weird one, there was another Nocturne and the enemy team decided to gang my jungle. This slowed me down a lot (although I was quicker than the other Nocturne). Couldn’t get any ganks (the bot lane was pushed, the top lane was Gragas) and ended up getting 1 kill, 1 death and 14 assists. Nocturne vs Nocturne is a battle for losers… no-one can win that outcome, you just negate each other’s ults. Went for Randuin’s Omen first, this time. I’ll try it again and hopefully in a more eventful game.

Game 5 – 02.40 – 17th March


Another crap game. Nocturne seems to rely completely on enemies being stupid. If I don’t get early ganks (my team over extends or they just don’t push) then it’s over. This guy can deal a boat load of damage but he does seem very weak when he isn’t snowballing. I just have to get used to his survivability levels, it’s still frustrating playing Nocturne though. The guy on the other team went 13/1, guess I’ve got a lot to learn. Went with Randuin’s Omen again… it seems ok, I was against a Tryndamere and held my own a couple of times (before he got farmed). Going for ruthless damage helps the snowball, the last 2 games have been survivability focussed and haven’t got me anywhere! I think it’s time to try the fun build…

Game 6 – 03.29 – 17th March


BOOYAH! That was awesome. I started with Sword of the Divine, then Wit’s End, then a Bloodthirster. The damage was insane. With zero survivability, I had to rely on my tanks doing their jobs (and the enemy being a bit silly), but damn it deals a ton of damage. Started very slowly (I had to lane because of a Warwick) but once I got my Bloodthirster it was on.

Game 7 – 11.47 – 17th March


Went pure offense again. Early game, there’s little much that can be said about these builds. I don’t have any items (all builds start with Wriggles). If I get early kills, I can afford the cool items quicker… so perhaps defensive would work well too! Nonetheless, went with my Sword of the Divine+Wit’s End build. Went toe to toe with Master Yi, Sword of the Divine making short work of him. In team fights, I tried to come in as late as possible, while everyone is distracted. Offence is the best defence in this build, since you’ll be lifestealing a lot. If you aren’t auto attacking, you’re not surviving.

Game 8 – 12.47 – 17th March


Was a good game until our Karthus left, then we had no chance. This will be the last Sword of the Divine test, since it’s pretty much proven itself to be great. Bloodthirster is nice but annoying in that you lose all the stacks upon death. I’m dying quite a lot (always do with a new champ), so it’s often a bit of a waste. I might start incorporating Stark’s Fervor into my build, it gives more lifesteal and armor reduction (which is nice).

Game 9 – 03.17 – 17th March


Had a few game up until this one, hence the time difference. Was using the SotD, Wit’s End and Malady build (the pure Fun Build). The other game I tried with this was 7/1/6. It seems to be very effective but I need more games to really figure out if it’s just my enemies being bad, me being good or if the build is actually doing the job. One thing that’s annoying me is the 2.500 attack speed cap. With the 3 speed swords in this build, I reach around 2.100. This is fine, until I get an effective W shield and the attack speed boost is wasted. Then again, I rarely get to take advantage of the attack speed boost (except early game, but then I don’t have 3 AS items!).

I think that’s it for now! I’ve played a bit too much of this guy over the past couple of days. Overall my verdict is that he’s not as fun as he first looked, he’s very samey and isn’t as rewarding as Cassiopeia or as fun as Maokai (with my max HP build, basically he’s a wooden Mundo). I’ll get back to Nocturne when I’ve had a little break, not sure if I’m still up for mastering the guy though!




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