koth_jailbird – The time has come…

Well this is finally it!

The alpha version of my Team Fortress 2 map is finished. It’s fully functioning and playable, albeit rough around the edges. Now I am at the stage where I need to get it play tested. Until now, I’ve always been theorycrafting; guessing what will work where and with which classes. Getting my map tested is the next big step. Using the information from the playtest, I can tweak and add to my map, refining it with every iteration. Eventually I will have a silky smooth and fun gameplay experience, then I can texturize this bad boy and release it!

Tomorrow evening at 5pm GMT, there is an EU Gameday ran by TF2Maps.net. I’ve submitted my map, which you can view here, complete with pictures and a little intro to the premise. After testing, I’ll post what feedback I have and then see what I can do about turning frowns upside down.

Here’s a final walkthrough of my map before I submitted it. Enjoy, and if you’ve found this and feel like testing… join the Steam Community Group ‘Team Fortress 2 Mappers’ and they’ll prompt you when the gameday begins!





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