LoL Tank – Aesthetic Preview

I’ve finally finished the basis of my coloured in LoL tank suggestion. I need to add a lot more detail (on the shield, any tattoos, decorations on the chiton) but I thought I’d just post what I’ve got so far.



The reddy brown colours I’ve used were initially just work in progress, but after trying a bunch of different re-colours, there wasn’t really any point changing them. She’s meant to look like an Anglo-Saxon (Boudicca style) warrior woman, wearing a simple robe made from cheap materials and designed to get covered in blood… I decided to deviate from the posh flowing gown style because it just didn’t look right with a massive battle axe!

I restricted the heavy armour solely to the bracers. I love the look of the chiton, and didn’t want to cover any of it with massive armour, her arms were free and rather plain so I thought heavy bracers would emphasize her physical strength and add some flair to her arms. I included the broken bonds on her left arm, which will tie into her Lore. They’ll be magically bound to her, thus she requires a custom left bracer to fit her (she just pimped her armour).

I’ve still got a lot to do. I need to add some tribal markings/tattoos, probably one on her face and one down her exposed leg. In addition to that, I need to make the girdle look ultra cool (her passive will be related to the girdle, all her ‘skills’ are related to her equipment) and I want to add the rune design to the front of the chiton.

But for now, that’s enough to whet any appetites. I will probably focus on finalizing the skills next, which will speed up once my TF2 map is in testing! I also want to write her back story, because I have quite a cool tale in mind.

For a mega high resolution image (it’s the size I used in Fireworks), click the image below!



Massive size! Click to view





3 Comments to “LoL Tank – Aesthetic Preview”

  1. I like her! She is exactly what I would want to see. I like your ideas. I will continue to follow…

  2. May be going to China to live for a year or two. What about the language? Have you learned it?

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for the comments. An ancestor of Boudicca? Nice! China is great, I’d definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to get back out there. The language is tough but it’s got a strange learning curve. At the very beginning it’s difficult, you need to learn how to use and recognize 4 tones of saying words. Once you get that, speaking is actually quite easy. Grammar is simple compared to English. However, reading and writing is very difficult and you kind of hit a wall with your speaking once you’ve got to a very basic level. I need to push through that wall at the moment. Knowing how to read and write would make it much easier, so I’d recommend taking classes!

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