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February 22, 2011

LoL Tank Update – Draft Concept Art

Thought I’d update people on the status of my LoL tank design. Been quite busy, especially as Riot just released a new tank and I wanted to see if anything has improved! Unfortunately, I had to earn 6300IP (and you get about 100 per win, and each game lasts around 40 mins) and Maokai is rather underwhelming after 3-4 days playing him. So a pain in the ass on both counts, and creating my LoL tank aesthetic has suffered.

I drew my champion on paper and then scanned it into the computer. I was going to colour and shade it using a graphics package. It’s taken a while, and it’s criminally boring! In case anyone is following this project, I thought I should include the original drawing while I finish up the sexy coloured version.


My first drawing and draft of my female champion's aesthetic.


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