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February 17, 2011

OK, OK… hear me out. Changing my TF2 map.


I’ve been slowly making my TF2 map, pl_extraction, and learning the Hammer Editor at the same time. I’ve been reading tutorials, trying new things, failing new things and talking to mappers in the TF2 Mappers Group on Steam. The group chat has grazr in it! The guy who wrote all the tutorials I’ve been plagurizing errr quoting!

After trying to figure out why my map wasn’t compiling, I was explaining what I was doing with a curved corner in my mountain tunnel. Apparently I was doing it all wrong. I should just be using hard corners until I get some tests done. That’s how I should be thinking. It doesn’t matter how pretty my map is, I need to get something functional, balanced, fun and small… test it to oblivion and go for pretty and big. I was also advised that Payload is a really difficult mode to start with, and that I should try something much simpler for learning purposes.



This is what Valve says about King of the Hill maps…

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