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February 12, 2011

LoL Tank: Aesthetic checklist and skill concept

Finished with researching both fictional and non-fictional warrior women, it’s now time to recap on the features I thought were cool. I can use these in my designs to help create a sweet back story for my champion.


  • War Paint/Markings – from Boudicca
  • Broken Bonds – from Zenobia
  • Heavy Armor – from Joan of Arc (probably a single piece, rather than a full set)
  • Some form of long, gown-like clothing – from Boudicca, Zenobia and Joan of Arc
  • Elaborate Girdle – from Hippolyte
  • Animal Skin Cloak – from Freyja (falcon feathers) or Atalanta (boar)
  • Some hella long legs – from Atalanta


It’s a pretty long list of items. I will try to use them all in moderation, to prevent the design being some garish mess! My champion also needs a weapon. My weapon of choice could be singular, Jean Hachette’s hatchet would be pretty sweet. It would also suit a general Norse styling. However, I also have a skill concept in my head which would impact her aesthetic, and back story, quite heavily.

My champion is going to be stance based, but to an extent much greater than Udyr. Currently, Udyr switches stances which activates a short term effect, and then he gains a passive effect while that stance is active. His passive ability gives him a buff every time he switches stances, which encourages him to stance dance. When I reviewed Udyr last year, I commented that the auras and effects do not linger after changing stances. I thought this was a missed opportunity, since discovering optimum switching patterns and combos is very tactical and challenging.

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