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February 10, 2011

TF2 Map – pl_extraction

When I went to bed last night, I was thinking of what I would do today with my on ‘paper’ TF2 map layout design. I put paper in inverted commas since I don’t have grid paper and will just do it on Adobe Fireworks (my nooby but personal choice of image creation software!). As I drifted into slumber, I was thinking more and more something I don’t often care about when I’m playing a TF2 map; story/narrative.


arena_nucleus - Now that's something cool to fight for!


The other day I read another excellent article from (which I can’t find anymore!) that discussed the narrative of TF2 maps. While it’s not 100% necessary, there should be a reason for what you’re attacking/defending. A lot of articles on TF2Maps use Fastlane as an example of a map with no theme or narrative, hence it’s boring to play. Most narratives in TF2 are the standard ‘Blow up/Capture this resource facility’. It’s basic but at least there’s a purpose to the battle. These objectives also determine the type of theme you can apply to your map. The bomb cart is a classic example, at the end of most payload maps there is a collection of explosive materials which the bomb can ‘ignite’ when the attackers reach the final objective. Therefore the final part of the map has to be a valuable structure with a bunch of explosive¬†ordinance¬†in the vicinity.

Having meaning in a TF2 map sets it apart from the rest, it makes something about it memorable. It contributes to a cohesive theme and builds immersion. I have decided upon a basic theme, which I will probably reiterate and refine as I work on my paper design.



The map starts with the BLU (attacking) team inside a RED research facility. Once BLU leaves the spawn room, they see tons of explosives set up behind them. They look out of the window and see that RED reinforcements have arrived. BLU’s job is to push a cart full of intelligence (valuable weapons research) and, once they reach the extraction point, the explosives in the RED research facility will be detonated..

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