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February 7, 2011

Updates and My First Official Project: Designing a TF2 Map

Currently I am “inbetween jobs”. This is a figure of speech which is generally used to say, without shame, that you’re unemployed. For my self, however, I am literally inbetween 2 jobs. I left my job in Shanghai in December and I received a job offer in Beijing (an extremely exciting, dream job, offer which I can tell you about when I sit down at my desk). Unfortunately, the Chinese visa process is very complicated and slow, so it’s taking much longer than expected to get my ass to Beijing to start working on something amazing.

Until then, I have been blogging, playing lots of games (not all for homework) and keeping up with industry news and theory. My initial thought, when beginning this blog, was that I was going to design my own game from scratch in the 9 months I spent in the UK waiting for graduate schemes to start. Fortunately, I have now received my full time job offer and that time is no longer available. Still, I’d love to actually create something and share the process with you guys. First, I actually want to list out all the sorts of projects that I’ve been thinking of, but haven’t really executed yet, and update you all on the progress.


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