The Great CityVille Race

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve decided to do an experiment. I want to work out if the hidden complexity of CityVille is actually worth learning. Would playing CityVille with a brain = more success than without one, and by how much more?

The only way I can think of doing this is by controlled experiment! I’m not a big science guy but I’ll try and make this as scientific and as fair as possible.

Here’s what I’m going to do…

  1. Open a second CityVille account (I’ve already started one)
  2. Get both accounts to level 10
  3. Account A will be casual
  4. Account B will be core
  5. After 1 week, the progression of both accounts will be measured.
  6. The highest level will be the winner!

Pretty simple, eh?



There are a few general rules, then a few account specific rules…


  • 10 is the allowed amount of neighbours, no more and no less (Don’t want neighbours to ruin the fairness too much).
  • Play can only be between 12pm-6pm (Playing more isn’t part of the test, it’s playing smart).
  • No use of in-game currency allowed (including the free currency given at the beginning)
  • The race starts at level 10.
  • No accepting gifts from friends (although ‘help’ can be accepted in-game).
  • No publishing of stories.


  • Casual can only check their City once per 2 hours
  • Casual has to place objects in a visually appealing way (no strategic planning)
  • Casual tries to click everything (coins, experience, rewards) as soon as they see it.


  • The only rule of Core is that there are no rules (apart from the general ones). Core can play as much as they want in the allotted time period. They can place items strategically, they can plan for the future and they can click tactically to maximise the ‘combo meter’.

This will probably start from Thursday (and take a break over the weekend) so by next Thursday the results should be out! Now it’s time to get my Core account to level 10 and then start planning how best to own face in town-building!





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