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October 22, 2010

Intrigue of Legends

Yeah I know, it’s horrible. I’ll get on my pun-writing guy. You try finding a word that rhymes with “league”!

In my previous post, I mentioned the awards that League of Legends (LoL) has recently won and said I should check out the game. Well, I have. Unfortunately I’ve come across technical problems and cannot really give you a solid, in-depth review of the game. My internet is too slow to play online (which is a problem in an online game) and I can’t purchase any of the Champions (Heroes) because I’ll likely transfer to the Chinese version of the game when it’s released. Or when my friend can get me a Beta key *nudge nudge*.


DotA Killer?


What I will do, and what I think will give a much better overall judgement of the game, are champion reviews! I already review quite a lot of DotA heroes on the Hero Suggestion forum, and suggest my own. I think I’m pretty good at theorycrafting for these types of games and with my hero creation experience I should be able to give a good opinion about the current heroes in LoL. Every week there is a new ‘rotation’ of champions, where Riot Games (the developer) allows access to 10 of the champions for free. This is a good idea, as it lets you try out the champions before spending your hard-earned Influence Points (or hard-earned $$$). It’s also a good idea because it gives me 10 champions to comment on each week!

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