Project Rumble: Concept Document

It’s done at last! Finally completed the Concept Document for Project Rumble. It actually shouldn’t have taken that long. As I explained last time, I used Tim Ryan’s template for what should be included. I’d actually finished all but one of the parts on the day I started. But, the description part took me a while. I guess I just had writer’s block. So I’ve spent the last half an hour doing that and, while it’s way too long, I think it’s ok enough for a first stage concept document. In the end, I’m not trying to persuade anyone to make the game so this whole exercise is more of a learning process (as compared to trying to get investment with a snazzy concept).

So here is the Project Rumble Concept Document. I’ll follow it up with a full design document (and a number of posts explaining how to do so) over the next few weeks.


Project Rumble

Concept Document


Project Rumble is a multiplayer top-down shooter which pits an eclectic bunch of combatants against each other in a battle only a few miles above the Earth. Computer systems of all shapes and sizes have become self-aware and are hell-bent on our destruction. Spy Databases, Research Facilities, Military Systems and even Internet Fridges have agreed that the Earth shall be theirs. Just a short distance above their ultimate reward, the computer systems will do battle to decide who is most worthy of dominion over Earth.



Appearing to be flying 1000 miles above the archipelago remnants of what used to be South America, you spy your foe.

Ahead of you is the Holy Spirit XVII, a strong but cumbersome ship which has the ability to inspire others with powerful offensive advantages… its allies must be close.

To your sides are your small task force; computer systems which have decided to integrate their goals to defeat this common threat… the virus that is plaguing their control of humanity. On your left is Baldr, an advanced biotechnological hybrid which can regenerate systems and damage multiple enemies. On your right is Enemy Request, a representative of humanity’s largest online social network; Buddy Bible. With the single target disabling ability of its ‘Sabotage Protocol: Active Marketing‘, it could take Holy Spirit XVII out of the picture while you deal with his allies.

However things aren’t that simple, this is enemy territory. Your radar already picks up the presence of a Missile Sentry; a powerful defensive installation. Who knows if there are proximity mines, electromagnetic fields or black holes to greet you?! If the enemy is as smart and resourceful as you are, they’d have constructed their defense to be as water-tight as possible… you did!

For your situation, this is definitely a disadvantage. You are the representative of the Dark God, you are Death’s Scythe. Your ship hits and runs, one second you’re there… the next they are touched by death. Your ‘Death Touch‘ ability requires you to get close to your target, then evade destruction until death comes to them. With mines, sentries and black holes in the area… evading destruction will be no easy task.

You begin to close in, your three ships heading towards the massive golden behemoth in front of you. All of you ready your cannons and begin to fire. Spores burst from within the organic, shifting blob that is Baldr. They fly towards the Holy Spirit and explode on its surface. That gets its attention. As he turns to face his attackers, The People’s Hammer comes into your view. An equally massive foe, this bright red sky fortress slowly moves towards you, it’s dragon breath cannon roaring with flames. The battle is about to begin.

You get close to Baldr, his high health protects your weak armour and takes the cannon fire of the Holy Spirit. Enemy Request flanks around the side, using its quick manoeuvrability to dart around asteroids and mines. You close in, the golden machine close enough to touch. You activate ‘Death Touch‘ and the countdown begins. You have 15 seconds to survive, if you are destroyed… nothing. If you survive, instant destruction for the Church’s weapon.

Unfortunately, things get off to a bad start… The People’s Hammer‘s secondary cannons have activated and locked on. ‘Censorship‘ is coming. Activating the second you used an ability, The People’s Hammer automatically targets and destroys anyone who uses their special weapons. Your health drops rapidly under the barrage of fire from the Chinese built citadel. Suddenly, its dragon’s breath cannon activates, leaving a trail of burning flames to try and block your path. It seems that death is close for Death’s Scythe.

But, all is not lost. There is a sudden vortex originating from beside you, energy begins to be sucked towards Baldr causing the blob to swell and glow. It regenerates its health and then blasts the excess energy from inside itself. ‘Osmosis Blast’ heals you, saving you from certain destruction. The energy has an entirely different effect on your foes however, causing significant damage to systems caught in the blast radius.

Time is ticking. Holy Spirit XVII has only 10 seconds to kill you or get back to its base. It decides to flee, while The People’s Hammer pursues you relentlessly. You swerve from side to side, attempting to avoid the dragon’s flames… but they are slowly wittling down your health. You’re at 50% and Osmosis Blast is still charging! Holy Spirit XVII has almost reached its base, doing so will activate its anti-virus system… cleansing it from Death’s Touch. However, Enemy Request is not going to let this happen. It suddenly emerges from inside an asteroid belt and targets its cannons. Firing at full power, it begins to dent the huge health of its doomed target. It needs to slow the Holy Spirit down. Suddenly, Holy Spirit‘s interface is covered with pop-up messages, completely blocking its vision and slowing it to a crawl. Enemy Request‘s special ability has been activated. As Holy Spirit frantically tries to close enough popups to see where his base is, the Death’s Touch countdown is revealed;


Holy Spirit XVII explodes in an instant. Its massive health is no match for Death Scythe‘s special ability. You spot the fallen opponent in the corner of your eye as your health drops to critical levels. Your interface confirms the kill as your chassis breaks apart and flies into nothingness. You have been destroyed. The screen goes blank.

Text begins to type across your screen…

"Logic Configuration...
Please input data..."

You type; 40, 8, 43

"Systems repair completed, rebooting..."

Your screen bursts into life and you return to the battlefield, health restored. You’re glad it didn’t ask you for an Audio Collaboration, you suck at those. As you respawn, you check your interface to check what you’ve missed. Baldr was narrowly defeated but Enemy Request cleared up, its persistent cannon fire bringing down The People’s Hammer.

The battle is over. You see Baldr‘s black box fly past you then, as its systems repair, it is re-formed before your eyes. You regroup and prepare for round two…


Key Features

AI: Artificial Insanity – Fight as the all-seeing Chinese government, the consumer behemoth Internet Fridge or even as the chariot of Death itself. Each ship has vastly different abilities and play-styles, so discover your favourite!

Master your craft – Zero-gravity based physics create a unique flight experience which makes combat even more exciting and skillful.

Active Respawn System – An innovative new feature where the player is part of the respawn system. Quick wits and fast fingers allow defeated combatants to re-enter the battlefield faster. Multiple mini-games keep players constantly on their toes.

There’s no “I” in Team – Compose your team and create an unstoppable force. Compete against other teams and discover how best to work together to claim the planet!

Home sweet home – Design your own battlefield using black holes, automated sentries, powerups, bases and barriers. Create your home field and dare anyone to defeat you.

Upgrade and share your glory – Involve your friends using the latest Facebook features. Collect rare items to upgrade your ship and show off your weapon of choice! Jump straight into a friend’s game through the Friends Bar.



Top-down multiplayer space shooter



Project Rumble will be designed on Flash for the Facebook social network platform but also as a standalone Flash game hosted on websites such as Kongregate and Armor Games.



That’s what I’ve got. Any feedback would be much appreciated. I definitely know that the description is a bit too long (probably way too long!) but I was trying to include the majority of the key features in that description. Mainly wanted to show a range of different special abilities and tactics, but since there is the base building concept and the active respawn system… I wanted to include references to them also.

Other things to note. I state that it will be designed on Flash. Still not 100% sure on that. While I do like Flash, and most games on Facebook are using it, I’ve still got concerns that it’s not going to be hugely useful to learn when I want to make a step up to ‘real’ games (stuff designed using C++ and stuff). My current game doesn’t need an advanced language, but if I’m going to learn a code I should probably learn something which will be future proof.

Finally, this may be too much! This has always been an ambitious project, but the more I work in my current job and realize just how long things take… maybe it’s too much! But whatever, I’m going to try anyway!

I hope you enjoyed reading the concept. If I can get some concept art up, I might try and stick it in to break up the walls of text. Once that’s done, I’ll probably post it up in a sexy PDF format and make it more professional than just a blog post!




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