Gamebook: Brave Arms

‘Gamebook’ is a series which focuses on hardcore gaming on Facebook. These games are similar to those you’ll find on a PC or console, featuring skill based gameplay and PvP action.

Launched this week, Brave Arms is the ‘first social shooter’ on Facebook. Now this isn’t exactly correct, since Paintball Paradise 3D (PP3D) has been around for a while and that is the first shooter on Facebook. Adding ‘social’ to the first shooter tagline might be ok if it had social features, but right now Brave Arms is as social as Quake. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Lets have a look!


Brave Arms - 3D online deathmatch


Brave Arms instantly reminded me of Unreal Tournament or Quake. It plays in a similar way. You just run around one of 2 arenas and blow the enemies to bits. Since it’s a new game, everything is a bit barebones but the skeleton is there to play around with. I’ve got to say, I think it’s the best game on Facebook.

Of course, that’s not saying much. It’s one of the only games on Facebook (the others being virtual chores), so there isn’t much competition. However it is definitely one step ahead of the real Facebook games in that the graphics are pretty and the gameplay is pure twitch awesomeness. PP3D is essentially the same thing, with more maps and modes and cool powerups (although I kinda think they suck). What sets Brave Arms apart from PP3D are the weapons. I’m not sure why but shooting paint just isn’t that satisfying. The weapons in Brave Arms feel, look and sound badass. An FPS is only as good as its weapons (or it’s shotguns in my opinion!) and the arms in Brave Arms feels nice in your hands.


Arms of the Brave


As mentioned previously, there isn’t much to Brave Arms right now. There is Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch (kill everyone or kill another team) and only 2 maps. But like most streamlined shooters, it knows what it’s doing and does it well. Each weapon is unique (although the SMG and Assault are a bit too similar) and the maps are big and varied enough, with lots of detail, that they don’t get boring quickly. One thing that isn’t bare bones is the character customization. The models are great looking and the clothes you are offered at the outset are varied enough to give you a good choice of looks. I’ve only see 2 people ever look the same once, although it was the generic ‘badass gasmask marine’ look which I can imagine is one of the most popular. My character; Mrs. Warboys, is wearing a 60’s style getup with a huge floppy hat and a boob tube. I’ve seen another guy dressed as a banana.


Iron Sights in a Facebook game. Oh yes!


So what are the problems? Well gameplay wise I haven’t got much to moan about. It’s annoying that you can’t change weapons mid-round (you’re stuck with your initial choice) but that’s not a huge problem. The only real balance issue is that the Sniper is way too powerful. It pretty much kills with just a body shot, no need for a shot to the head. This results in Sniper battles (*yawn*) or guys with shotguns having a severe disadvantage. At the moment it’s not a massive problem, because the maps are full of winding corridors and secret paths, but once Snipers start getting good and learn the maps there will be no stopping them.

Lag has been an issue for me, but I do have a slow internet connection and it’s likely that most players are not in Asia (like me). So I’ll leave this one open to debate. Other technical issues have been a real pain in the ass though. The game tends to just disconnect you randomly, but without telling you. The only way you know is if all the other players stop moving. Also when the game crashes (which it tends to do a lot), I keep getting this horrid bug where it says the game is still open but it isn’t. This prevents you from playing until you restart your computer. It is a beta so I’m willing to forgive, but these problems on a Facebook game will not be tolerated by the usual Facebook gamer audience.


You be dead.


Technical issues aside, Brave Arms has one final problem. No users! At least in my time zone. That’s why I urge you all to give it a spin. It’s really worth a play and once ranking and social features are introduced then it could be massive.

I’ll be eagerly following Brave Arms. I think the success or failure of this game will be a sign of the future of Facebook gaming. Lets hope it’s a success.




3 Responses to “Gamebook: Brave Arms”

  1. Hi Sam,
    Have you played Brave Arms recently? We added a new airbase level that is a lot of fun! If the game is still crashing for you, please email me with the details. It should be stable, and if not, we need to try to reproduce it.

    More features are being added regularly. You can now invite your friends to play, and there is a tab in the game to see their stats. Melee weapons have been added, and more will be added. We are working on the acheivement sysstem which is going to be great!

    Hope to see you in the game soon!


    Paul (Nexyss)
    3G Studios

    • Hey Paul,

      In fact I haven’t been able to play recently, my office internet crawls at a snails pace so it’s like playing a slideshow! Great to hear about the new added features, if I get a moment of lag free gametime then I’ll give an update on the blog.

      Good job on melee weapons, everyone’s favourite way to kill!

      Thanks for the update



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