I’m Sam

I like video games and I’d like to make one.

Therefore I’ve decided to create a diary/blog which will detail the whole process from my mind into (hopefully) an actual working game. Initially this blog will help me document my thought processes as I come up with a design document. I want to outline my influences, what I think of the current market and its needs and finally create the story, characters and mechanics of my game proposal.

After that I’ll  decide what platform to create my game in and start coding! At this stage it will probably move from the theory phase and turn into more of an amateur coding blog, a sort of ‘learn to code along with Sam’ project.

Why I made this a blog and not a private diary? Well I’d love to hear everyone’s insight on what my brain is doing! I’m not making a game for cash, I’m purely trying to understand the process of game design so that I’ll be able to understand how it works ‘in the real world’. I would like to carve out a career in this industry but haven’t had the computing background, so this is my learning project!

So… when I cite my influences, give me some more! If I post a concept for a game, tell me if it’s good or bad. You guys get to help me define my path through this process and I’m definitely in need of guidance!

The next few posts will discuss who I am, what I do and why I decided to do this, then it will get interesting as I spill my brains and come up with some concepts for you to check out!

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